Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Your SEO really working?

How do you measure if your SEO is working? Even better, how do you justify the money you are spending on SEO? There are alot of statistics you can gather to show the activity on your website. Visits and clicks are the most common. There are others, however, those are the two most commonly talked about.

I come in contact with many businesses that tell me that they are really excited about their SEO and what it is doing. The first thing they say is "wow, traffic on my website has really increased". Traffic? What is traffic? You might as well say "alot of people have seen my website". Does that really equal success? NO!!!

You can have a billboard on the side of a road that gets thousands of cars drive by every day. The problem is that you are selling vitamins for individuals over 65 and the billboard is placed in front of a high school. Wrong audience!

Is the traffic on your website the right audience - target market? If you are getting the correct target market to visit your website it will create leads. That means you get information on individuals that visit your website or they will contact you (phone or email) based on the information on the website.

From these leads, you get customers that actually purchase from you. NOW that is a statistic that everyone understands. That is the number used to determine ROI, not traffic.

Okay, you say increased traffic equals leads which equals sales. Prove it!! Track how many leads and sales you get from your SEO and not just traffic. How do you do that? There are very highly technical ways to do it that are automated and there is the old fashion way - ASK the potential customer how they found you.