Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Email Marketing = Lead Generation

Why are people blasting email marketing today? It has proven to have a great ROI. I just think the new guys on the block want to be the one to come up with something new. The biggest new, that is actually not so new, is lead generation. I have read that email marketing is just a small piece of lead generation. I strongly disagree. It is a significant piece of the lead generation pie. Don't misunderstand, I also believe you must be performing several other lead generating processes along with email.

A big factor in lead generation with email marketing is what type of email are you sending? One, a newsletter is the better lead generator. Two, product/service sales email should create more immediate sales by having the customer purchase online or have them come into the store. There are a 3 factors that you must consider to make your email campaign a lead generator.

First, you must have the appropriate email system that provides you with the information you need to develop leads. Just sending out mass emails from you personal email will not give you the information you need and will probably get your email shut down. The email management system should be able to provide you with the number and email addresses of opens, unique clicks and other information. There are several email management systems on the market and I have looked at them all and some are better than others.

Second, content in the email is very important. It must be seen as a value to the recipient. Depending on the type of industry will determine what is valuable content for your recipients. The content should also correlate to a product or service you provide. By providing valuable content that correlates to a product or service you provide - you determine which recipients are interested in that product or service by who clicks on that content.

Third, links are direct ways to determine the interests of the recipient. Providing links to the products and services you offer does two things. One, reminds the recipient of everything you offer. Two, gives the recipient the opportunity to get more information about any of your products or services. Links will generate the majority of your leads.

Taking the list of recipients that clicked on the unique links will provide you with a list of leads. If you don't get any clicks on your email, then your content or links are not a value to your recipients. It is now up to you to turn that lead into a customer.

Email marketing is not dead and is a lead generator!!!