Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inbound Marketing - Issues

There are still dinosaurs out there that have not embraced inbound marketing. The traditional advertising marketing is the only thing they know and 'it has worked for many years', so why change. If this sounds like a client or the CEO of your company - then this article will be very helpful.[10+Steps+to+Get+CEO+]

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Direct Mail - Thing of the past?

I believe direct mail is not necessarily a thing of the past, but should be used only in very specific circumstances. It should be used as a branding tool more than a sales tool. In some situations for some businesses it may be good to send a mass direct mail to introduce the business to the community. This can include a special offer, however, it is to let people know who and where you are in the community.

If direct mail fits what you need, I recommend small very bright colored post cards for direct mail. It should give enough information that the consumer knows what you are selling.

If you are going to collect information from your customers and send them information on a regular basis, the best tool to accomplish this is with emails. The ROI for direct mail has steadily decreased as the cost of mailing has increased. The ROI for email marketing is increasing. You can collect all the mailing address information if you want too, but you better get that emial address.

Don't throw away all of your direct mail information just yet - but - there are better more productive ways to accomplish what direct mail has done in the past.

Check out this article - some good information about direct mail.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Webinars - 3 Big Mistakes

Webinars are a great way to present a topic in an interactive format. To present successful webinars there are a 3 Big Mistakes you do not want to make to keep people from leaving and to have them attend another webinar.

1. Time - Do NOT make your presentation longer than 30 minutes. Most professionals do not want to spend more than 30 minutes listening to information on a single topic. This does not include the time for Q and A. If it takes longer than 30 minutes to present - you should not be presenting this information via webinar.

2. Presentation - Do NOT read the information on the slides. Everyone participating in the webinar can read what is on the screen - the speaker should give more detailed information based on the points on the screen. The participants are seeking current relevant information and your opinion. If you are going to read the slides - just email them to the registrants and they can get just as much information.

3. Q and A - Do NOT cut off before answering all the questions. Allow enough time to answer all the questions. If some of the participants do not want to stay connected - they have the option to leave the live webinar. You should treat all participants with the same respect and answer their question.

These three points do not cover everything you need to do to have a successful webinar. However, these three mistakes will cause your participants to leave early or not come back for another webinar you present.

Event Marketing

How do you market a single event?
You approach the marketing of the event like it is a new product or service being announced. Give it an identity. Package it. Target market and how do you get it to the target market? Must have immediate feedback/registration/ticket purchase. Make it an enjoyable experience for the customer/participant.

Participants must have a personal attachment to the event. Focus on the stories that go along with the event to spark that emotional attachment to get them to sign up and participate. Video works great!!

A website is a must that has ALL the information that the customer/participant will possibly need. Funnel all medias to website.

Using email is a great way to reach target markets and respond to those individuals viewing the website.

Emotions drive most people to participate in events.

Branding - Customer Service

A major part of your brand is your customer service. Take a look at the top 10 companies that treat you right and you will see 10 very successful companies. All of them have a very strong brand that was built on the 'customer experience'. Check out this article: