Friday, June 11, 2010

Email Marketing - Content

What information do you put in your emails?

Don't try to sell your products or services in your emails!! Exception - retail - listing products with sale prices. Give good relevant information your customers can use at work and/or everyday life. They are more likely to remember you if you give them something they can use. Make it relevant to your business also. If they are receiving an email from a clothing store, you are not expecting them to tell you how to fix a leaky faucet.

You don't try to sell them - HOWEVER - make sure there is something in the email that reminds them of all the products or services you offer. Always include links to your website, facebook page, LinkedIn page, company blog and other informational and social sites. COUPONS are great, if you are really offering a great deal.

A good way to get the customer to your website is to have a READ MORE link to your website where they finish reading the article or go to a page that offers more information on the topic they are reading.

These sounds pretty basic - you would be surprised at how many emails I receive that offer nothing except a sales pitch.

Video - B2C vs B2B

Video is a very effective tool in marketing both B2C and B2B. However, do you use the same type of video for both?

B2C - any type of video that is interesting, fun, informative, crazy, off the wall or just plain home video can be effective. The purpose is to get people to watch, talk about it and forward it to friends. Go viral. So it does not take a professional production team to develop a video for B2C. Have fun, make it interesting and deliver your message. Keep it short though - people get bored with long videos and they are less likely to forward to a friend.

B2B - what is the purpose for this type of video? Who is going to be viewing? What is the viewer looking for? The purpose is to get your message in front of decision makers. This decision maker is not looking for cute, fun and crazy information about your company. They are looking for what you have to offer. The video should accomplish this with adding the personal touch of making a connection with the viewer. They need to see something that can not be realized in text and photographs on your website. This video should be well thought out, scripted and professionally produced.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Branding - Consistency

Branding - are you displaying a consistent brand to your customers? Consistency in the 'experience' when your customers encounter your product or services with increase the value of your brand --> increase customer loyalty --> increase revenue.

Marketing Challenges

What is your greatest challenge in marketing your business?