Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Your Website Generating Leads?

Many SEO or internet marketing companies wow businesses by how much traffic they will bring to their website.  Great!!!  The bad news - traffic does not always mean more customers.  What are you doing to capture the traffic?  Do you have a call-to-action on the website?  What is a call-to-action?

The best way to capture leads from website traffic is to have a call-to-action on the home page an other appropriate pages.  The call-to-action must be viewed as something of value to the visitor.  There are two different types of offers for call-to-actions: 1) 'Just Shopping' and 2) 'Buyers.

'Just Shopping' are those visitors that are gathering general information on the products or services you offer.  They are not convinced to even by the product or service whether it is from you or someone else.  Offer them a whitepaper on the benefits of the product or service.  This is not to sell your product or service, this is to give the basic benefits that they offer.  You can mention some of the added benefits your product or service offers, however, this is not the main point.  General information to show them they need the product or service.

'Buyers' are those visitors that are going to purchase the products or services you offer and you need to convince them to purchase from you.  It could be an article from a third party showing your products and services are rated higher than the competition - or - it could be a live demonstration - or - a video showing the superiority of your product or service.

How do the visitors receive these offers?  Landing pages are the most effective.  When the visitor clicks on the call-to-action, it sends them to a landing page that has the following: 1) picture - related to offer; 2) general points about the offer; 3) form - to acquire visitors information prior to receiving the offer; and 4) links to all social media, blog, and email list sign-up.

Here is an example of one of my customers landing pages:

Once they submit the request for the offer - do not forget to say thank you.  You have given this visitor some valuable information to assist them in making a decision and now that visitor is a LEAD!!!

Let me know of any other ways you capture visitors to websites.  I know there are more - let's see what you got!!!